About us

IM.Tec offers organizational development and performance optimization consultation services, that drive an impactful and systematic positive change on companies efficiency, communication, and leadership.

We support innovative businesses in achieving their vision and goals by employing IM Method  improvement processes, in a holistic, customized approach.

Our mission is to align the organizations building blocks and create a self sufficient, agile, motivated, and accepting work environment, affecting and improving both business outcomes and increased employee satisfaction.

We enhance

IM.Tec Team

IM.Tec specializes in OD and performance improvement processes for start-ups and Hi-Tech companies. We have developed and refined IM’s successful management approach, along with its management tools, to suit the current needs of technology-oriented companies in the new world of work.
Our experienced team boasts a vast cross-industry track record and is united in promoting our core values of loyalty, trust, accountability, and open communication.

Our Consultants


Ziv Elron

Social Psychologist, Facilitator & Co-Founder

Ziv is a social-organizational psychologist who specializes in decision-making processes, human resource management, and interpersonal relationships. Noted for his OD and communication insights, he is a content writer for the ‘Calcalist’ newspaper, and serves as a consultant psychologist for the Israeli Intelligence Forces and for the Ministry of Education. Ziv holds an M.A. in Social Psychology from the Decision-Making Division at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya) and a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences from the Tel Aviv Academic College.


Ohad Ganiel

Facilitator, Co-Founder & CEO

Ohad is an Organizational Development expert, business speaker and thought leader, with extensive experience in business-organizational strategies, executive training, and performance optimization. Ohad is the founder of the “IM Method”, which has now seen successful over a decade of successful implementation across a broad range of industries, from both public and private sectors. Ohad holds an M.A. in Social Sciences specializing in Public Policy from Bar-Ilan University, a B.A. in Political Sciences from Ben Gurion University, and is a guest lecturer at Tel Aviv University’s Coller School of Management.


Oron Lerner

Consultant, Trainer & Diagnostic Process Manager

Oron is a seasoned specialist in performing audits, establishing ROI measurements, and enhancing service and sales. He focuses his attention on the analysis of business-numeric and human data, as well as studying ways to harness creativity as a human thought process to obtain sustainable goals. In addition, he is the only Israeli currently specializing in OD for the alcoholic beverage industry. Oron holds an M.A. and B.A. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Haifa.

Dr. Irit Sharon, Ph.D

Social and Industrial Psychologist & Trainer

Dr. Sharon is an experienced consultant to a wide range of organizations, in the public and in the private sector. Dr. Sharon is a specialist in group training, in senior management training and personal training in the organizational setting. Dr. Sharon is a specialist in building trust relationship, in organizational and private contexts. She brings many years of practical experience and extensive academic background as a Social Psychology lecturer and researcher at the Bar-Ilan University.
Dr. Sharon holds a Ph.D and M.A. in Social Psychology from the Bar-Ilan University.

The IM Method

IM Methodology is both an organizational management theory and a performance improvement practice for businesses, covering field-relevant areas such as operational productivity, employee motivation and service & sales, among many others.

The approach is based on an extensive theoretical foundation, combining behavioral and cognitive sciences, international relations, mindfulness, and conflict resolution models, which have been adapted to the realms of management and organizational development.

IM Pillars


We take a hands on approach and consider ourselves as full partners in companies road to success. We strive to improve our ecosystem and believe in sharing information with the community to improve human aspects and performance.


We are leaders in the realms of organizational development and the founders of the IM management method. Our proven track record and extensive experience across various industries has equipped us with superior best in class management practices and tools.


We form a close relationship with the founders and managers and support their day to day decision making along the process. We will always maintain our ethics, respect your confidentiality, and remain true to the management point of view.

We Are Not

Human Resources

We can help you build a solid HR infrastructure, however we do not get involved in areas of recruitment and job placement.

Outsource Consultants

We take a hands on approach by combining theory to practice converting recommendations into actions in real time.

Business Coachers

We provide training and mentorship for executives and teams, our range of services goes far beyond just talking.