IM-Style Management

IM-Style management is a management style based on three executive principles (purpose, responsibility & ability), and on the three-step technique (atmosphere, knowledge & relationships). A variety of executive tools have been developed to provide support for this management style.

IM-Style management is usually implemented when an organization’s senior executives express an interest in establishing a top quality, positive framework for performance improvement. Implementing a management approach and tools suited to the organization’s structure, values, work interfaces and job definitions, creates a universal language and a clear and open corporate culture. The organization lives and breathes its collective language which, if understood by all, allows for healthy, positive communication.

Managers who adopt the management style and tools can create safe work environments and instil a sense of trust. They gain the most belief in their team members’ abilities and become their greatest cheerleaders, leading to even more growth, development and improvement.

Once the executive tools are fully implemented and the management style becomes the “natural” way of thinking in the organization, all that’s left is to formalize and cement the management and work routines. The executive tools, control systems, development timing, research and original thinking are all fixed in the organizational calendar, thus preserving and improving processes and performances.

Connecting IM-Style management with an organization is easy and simple. Once the organization has selected its values, we analyse and install them as shining beacons for the way forward. We ensure that all the accompanying executive tools inherently contain the relevant values, allowing us to both strengthen the existing organizational culture and to rekindle the life, colours and power that had always been there under the surface, lying dormant, waiting for the right time to shine and make a mark.

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