Implementing Performance Improvement Measurement Systems

The Intra-Organizational Learning System, or IOLS, is an organizing principle for a performance measurement and improvement system, situated within the organization. Starting with the formation and foundation of a measurement system, onto its implementation in work and management routines, and ending with its full integration in the organization as a central tool for performance improvement.

Performance improvement relates to wide range of fields including R&D, sales, customer service and project and management departments. Implementing the measurement system serves as a framework that links people from all levels of the organization with its various targets, challenges and goals.

Organizations and companies can get the best out of their members by optimizing the measurement process to be fair and correct – in a way that connects employees and managers to the fruits of their labour.

When goals and targets are set correctly, we then have to modify them into intermediate goals and targets, with continuous oversight and evaluation along the way, both to streamline, improve and increase productivity where possible, and to provide important feedback and encouragement to those involved.

Measurement and evaluation systems using the IM method are built using the correct parameters and are shared with employees and managers openly and transparently. This also establishes a safe and positive environment for improvement and growth in the organization. 

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