Management in accordance with organizational values

At the start of their journey, most organizations reach a point at which they strive to set the core values that will accompany their company as it progresses. Values are essentially a set of behaviors, perceptions and principles that guide members of the organization throughout their activity.

The formulation and declaration of values provide a sense of a laying a cornerstone in the structure of corporate culture. However, oftentimes management teams fail to place enough emphasis on the real-life application of the chosen values, thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll remain empty and useless “poster values”.

Applying values to the daily corporate routine is an important step for organizations, especially during periods of rapid growth, as they help to establish and nurture a uniform and stable corporate culture that serves both the company’s vision and its goals.

IM Tec’s consultants help the organization to pinpoint its values and to oversee its managers in the values’ implementation throughout the organization’s working teams; a process that requires them to be fully involved and up to date with their teams’ activities, and to provide guidance and fine-tuning when necessary.

These values should serve as a guiding beacon, allowing the corporate vessel to navigate a true course based on clear coordinates determined early on in the voyage, and reducing the risk of losing its way and drifting into stormier seas.   

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