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Executive development processes are an important component when it comes to organizational change and to the foundation of an executive infrastructure aimed at boosting performances. IM Tec offers two types of processes:

  1. A structured and organized process of management using the IM method and executive techniques, which is suited to organizations seeking to adopt a time-efficient systematic approach. It consists of a series of half-day sessions, including both theoretical and practical components (training and practice). In between meetings tasks and challenges are assigned, to be put into practice in the participants’ real work routine. This  form of training is most often used in large organizations like the IDF, large government ministries and executive-rich organizations.
  2. A flexible and adapted process which is built from the ground up together with the organization and which is tailor-made to suit the organization’s goals. The process is formulated in accordance with the organization’s values and is connected in its core to the organizational events on the agenda. This way the meetings serve not only to increase the awareness and implementation of management approaches and executive tools, but also as a central hub for collective deliberation and for forming stable and synchronised teamwork. During the workshop meetings, tasks and challenges are assigned to participants, with the aim of moving the organization forward while harnessing the collective efforts of all those involved in the process.

Both processes are based on the IM method management approach, the three principles of management and the method’s various executive tools, and serve as a framework to understand and organize the process. The series of meetings includes training and instructional content, workshop and practice sessions, role play, lectures from IM Tec personnel and content presentations from participants.

At the conclusion of the two workshops, the organization’s executives will be equipped with the tools they require to be better managers, by being more aware of their position, roles and responsibilities within the organization, improving their employees’ performances and promoting the achievement of the organization’s goals and targets.

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