The Criteria Method for Recruitment & Training

The Criteria Method is based on a set methodology employed during the selection stages of candidates for the organization. The method is intended to finetune the selection process and to reduce the risk of faulty, gut-based recruitment processes that tend to eat up valuable organizational resources.

The methodology at the base of the criteria allows managers to perform the selection process systematically and uniformly, based on the organization’s specific role requirements, in line with company values and the designated criteria for the upcoming position.

The process includes the selection of the required criteria for the position, which should reflect the candidate’s professional abilities, the company’s values and other important aspects the organization seeks to highlight during the selection process. These criteria can be measured and can produce ratings from all assessors and interviewees at all stages of the recruitment process, personal and professional interviews, assignments, etc.

At the end of the process, the organization will be able to determine which of the candidates are most suitable for the role, while also assessing which criteria were not met completely and can be bridged during the entry into the position.

As part of the entry into the position, the new employee will be assigned tasks and challenges by their managers, specifically designed to hasten the bridging of any gaps.   

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